Color Trends

The paint scheme of your house is how you distinguish yourself from other. Color Trends create a deep impact on your mind… which color is to be use on which areas that’s a challenging task.

Color Trends of Greys & Beige.

Grey & Beige are the most popular with interior from years. The reason for most commonly used these two colors is because its neutral and blend with walls and flooring, few colors from these family are metameric which create dual shade impact while lights changes, it will hide dirt as well.

Color Trends of Bright Colors.

Bright colors are popular now a days and use to highlight the feature wall or area accordingly The trend is spreading too faster in couple of short time. House interiors are being painted in bright red, blue, pink, green, and several other colors. A bold color draws the eye to the room. Bright colors offset neutral colors with different combination with curtains and furnishing.

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